Manuscript Archive of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens

This Archive consists of 7,995 mostly unpublished manuscripts containing information on a variety of folklore material. They derive from fieldwork carried out by the Centre’s Research Staff Members, by external associates of the Centre and by members of the public with a personal interest in Greek folklore.

Cinema Archive of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens

In 1962, the then Director Georgios Spyridakis founded the Cinematographic Section for Folk Culture Topics. This was subsequently added to by Research Staff Member Georgios Aikaterinidis. The Archive possesses 82 films, of about 8,500 m. of folklore material recorded on 16mm film.

Museum Collection of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre

National Music Collection of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre

A Music Section was created as part of the Folklore Archive, which in 1927 absorbed the National Music Collection. The National Music Collection was founded in 1914 (Law 432), “to preserve and collect the songs, dances and musical instruments of the Greek people.”

Digital Collection of the Museum of Bread, Amphikleia

The museum was realized and brought to completion under the academic guidance of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre in 2004. It is supervised by “Dadiotiki Estia”, the Cultural and Folkloric Association of Amphikleia

Digital Collection of the Museum for the Acritans of Europe

An exhibition entitled “The Acritans of Europe” was organized during the period 16-30 April 2004 at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens as part of the project “Acrinet”. It was also taken to Ioannina in May 2004 in collaboration with the Etaireia Epirotikon Meleton (Society for the Study of Epiros), to Karpathos, in collaboration with the Municipality of Karpathos, and to Thessaloniki, to the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The exhibition travelled to the museum at Cluny in France in May 2004 and was on display in the Musée des Civilisations de l’ Europe et de la Méditerranée in Marseilles, between March and June 2005. From May 28th 2006 the exhibition is housed in the Museum for the Acritans of Europe, in the border village of Palaiochora in the Municipality of Pelekanos in the region of Hania.

Digital Collection of Folklore Museum in Kavalos, Lefkada Island

The museum was created by the then Municipality of Sfakiotes and housed in the renovated building of the old Primary School of Kavalos village. The objects were exhibited and arranged by the collector Andreas Lazaris. The collector having a special interest in traditional tools and professions gathered about 2,500 related objects. A second, much smaller volume collection donated by the late Christos Katopodis which contains mainly traditional woven costumes of the region is hosted in a separate room. These two initial collections continue to enrich by adding items offered spontaneously by many residents of the nearby villages of the Sfakiotes area and from the collector A. Lazaris.

Exposition In Praise of the Olive (“Elaias Enkomion”) of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre