Calendar of Events 1940-1944

The digital collection Calendar of Events 1940-1944 is a database covering the period from the first day of the Italian attack on Greece, on October 28, 1940, to the installation of the Greek Government in liberated Athens on 18 October 1944. It is based on the documents of the archival series 371 of the British Foreign Office (FO 371).

The Calendar unfolds day by day the events of a troubled and crucial period: the war in Albania and Macedonia, the policy of the Greek Government in Greece, the organization and the activities of the resistance groups in the occupied country and of the Greek armed forces in the Middle East, the policy of Britain and the other Allies and of the Greek Government in exile. Also represented are the policy of the occupying forces and of the Quisling Government, the extensive reprisals against the population, and everyday life in occupied Greece. New details come to light concerning the dynamic development of the resistance in every part of the country, the activities of the guerrillas, the resistance groups in the cities, and the planning for the liberation.

The keywords and thesaurus accompanying the Calendar provide additional tools, wherever necessary, and enable multiple and specialized searches and  data
export depending on the users' queries.