Cinema Archive of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens

In 1962, the then Director Georgios Spyridakis founded the Cinematographic Section for Folk Culture Topics. This was subsequently added to by Research Staff Member Georgios Aikaterinidis. The Archive possesses 82 films, of about 8,500 m. of folklore material recorded on 16mm film.

Since the 1980’s, Research Staff Members have been using video cameras during fieldwork and at present are also using digital cameras.  As part of its ongoing programme of reorganisation and modernisation, the Folklore Centre has embarked on converting its cinematographic material to digital form, thus making it more easily accessible. A start has been made with the 16 mm films in the collection.  Greek television has often made use of cinematographic material held in the Centre in its programmes.
Films of 16 mm were digitized as part of a Academy of Athens project in 2015.
Digitization and Documentation Credits:
Planning, organization: Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki, Evangelos Karamanes. Digitization Editors: Ioannis Karachristos, Paraskevas Potiropoulos, Zoe Anagnostopoulou.